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Supporting Swiss Korfball Federation as "Friend of Swiss Korfball"

We're pleased to announce that NONAME Sports Consulting joined Swiss Korfball Federation as "Friend of Swiss Korfball".

Swiss Korfball

Swiss Korfball is a group of korfball enthusiasts from all ages and with different experiences, united by one goal to establish this great sport in Switzerland. Swiss Korfball traveled to Ukraine to represent Switzerland in the qualifying round of the IKF European Korfball Championship in November 2019 and they took 2nd place, will get a place in the Korfball European Championship in October 2021.

Gender Equal Sport

Korfball is the only full (gender) equal sport in the world. It is the key value for korfball. And also IKF (International Korfball Federation) aim to be included Korfball into the Olympic Games program, being the first full (gender) equal sport on the Olympic Games.

So for NONAME Sports Consulting that aim to realize equal sports opportunities for everyone in globe, this partnership with Swiss Korfball based in Lausanne where IOC also based is very meaningful thing.

We keep supporting Swiss Korfball to realize their goal, and also try to acquire awareness of Japanese fans for Swiss Korfball in the future.



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